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Moving Your Message .. Making Your Message Move Others.. Moving Your Message ..  Making Your Message Move Others ..                Making Your Message Move Others... Moving Your Message .... Making Your Message Move Others...

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PRAdvantEDGE is a boutique agency with the ability to make a big impact. Our size and contact network allows us to be strategic in our thinking and in our actions, focusing on our areas of expertise, and successfully achieving our clients’ objectives.  We know that nothing can replace the experience, knowledge and communication skills that are vital in building and maintaining relationships that influence and change behavior.  Our extensive contact network allows us to team effectively and efficiently with experts in a variety of disciplines, ensuring that our  clients receive top-quality personal and professional service from highly experienced practitioners without huge overhead costs, being handled by inexperienced staff, long lead times and lots of annoying bureaucracy.  Our philosophy, approach and size enables us to partner with our clients, building an environment of mutual trust that enables strategic thinking, creativity and success.   Personal and professional strategic communications management provided by experienced expert staff, without the need for inflated overhead costs, is our commitment to our clients.   

We strive to understand who you are and to help you move beyond vision and goals into the arena of action and real influence: successfully implementing, enhancing and achieving mission, positive visibility, productivity, growth and impact. In today’s competitive and noisy marketplace, be it of ideas or of products, for dollars or for members, for visibility or media coverage, it is more important than ever to focus on moving your message, and making your message move others.™

We offer turnkey, stopgap, short term and long term services in all our practice areas.......

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