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We understand the importance and value of navigating the international environment, and we can help you chart that territory. 

In todayís global economy, the ability to effectively and instantly communicate with parties half way across the world is a constant.  Complex issues and message management are no longer geographically-bound.  Understanding political, socio-economic and cultural differences, and building effective strategies, programs and mechanisms to develop and enhance mutually beneficial international partnerships and relationships, is key to influencing the development of domestic and global issues and public policy. 

Our International Relations experience includes:

  • Staffing high-level interfaith Catholic and Jewish mission to The Vatican and Israel in the wake of Pope John Paul IIís historic 1998 Holocaust statement, We Remember: A Reflection On The Shoah.

  • Coordinating complex and sensitive communication strategies and negotiations with prominent religious, diplomatic, and political leaders in Italy and Israel on behalf of the mission.

  • Managing and coordinating all aspects of the AJC/Friedrich Naumann Foundationís (Germany) Promoting Tolerance in Central and Eastern Europe Program, increasing programís profile in Los Angeles via successful media, diplomatic and community outreach.  Annual program extends over several days and includes high-profile political leaders, heads of NGOs, media and education executives from new democracies in Eastern Europe.

  • Formulating and presenting cutting edge seminars on the fundamentals of US civil society, community organization, advocacy and activism for the Association of Turkish American Associations at their annual conference. 

  • Arranging and promoting the Los Angeles segment of the US tour of The Shinonome Chorus from Japan.

  • Coordinating and staffing all aspects of high-profile visits and meetings between Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers, and Heads-of-State and various Los Angeles communities.

  • Raising the Los Angeles profile of the oldest human relations organization in the United States with the vehicle of the International Relations endeavor at the local, national and international level by strengthening strategic relationships and communications and implementing innovative programming. 

  • Creating and marketing high-profile substantive educational seminars and special programs for the Los Angeles Consular Corps on local urban issues, Los Angeles politics, community relations, terrorism and immigration challenges.

  • International outreach programming and special events that included all eighty-four members of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the largest concentration of diplomats outside of Washington, DC and New York City.

  • Developing crisis management strategies on behalf of NGOs to effectively coordinate various dynamic situations influenced by international developments.

  • Relationship cultivation programs and expansion of existing working associations, coalitions and collaborative efforts with and between key diplomats, consulates, community and political leaders and lay board members of various organizations.

  • Representing organizations at internal and external high-level international meetings and functions.

  • Media Relations initiatives to raise profile of international missions, organizations and activities.

  • Research, coordination and staffing of high-level meetings, with heads of state, ambassadors, diplomats, political, religious, civic and community leaders.

  • Writing and researching international advocacy briefs.

  • Managing and coaching high-level meeting participants, both professional staff and lay leaders/board members.

  • Implementing unique networking programs to introduce diplomats to local politicians, clergy, media and community leaders. 

  • Article and speech research and writing in preparation for international programming for organizations and their lay leaders. 

  • Assessing, designing and executing internal and external programming, organizational goals, advocacy, training and outreach for NGO's International Relations programs.

  • Researching and securing experts, speakers, seminar leaders and new sources of funding.

  •   Marketing, publicizing and promoting international programs and special events. 

  • Formulating and chairing pioneer national staff training in NGO International Relations program development.  

  • Instituting new management and training for staff and volunteers in diverse diplomatic protocols.  

  • Relationships, exposure and programming in international relations enhanced agency profile enabling domestic and overseas-negotiated successes that advanced institutional goals and policy positions of the community at-large.

Our unique and extensive experience in International Affairs and our widespread contact network in local diverse ethnic communities gives us the advantage and expertise that enables us to help our clients anticipate and manage the impact of new and existing international relationships. 

From developing key international contacts and programs to crafting messages that make complex situations understandable and relevant to influencing local and international leaders in the media, government and NGOs, PRAdvantEDGEís ability to understand and react to international developments has resulted in successful international relations initiatives.

Los Angeles is home to people from 140 countries, speaking 96 different languages

Children in the L.A. school system speak over 90 different languages.

Los Angeles has a population of 3 million people in the city limits, 9 million people in Los Angeles county, and 13 million people in "Greater L.A." (which includes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties).

Area: 467 square miles (City of Los Angeles); 4,752 square miles (Los Angeles County)

The City of Los Angeles is:

  • 45 percent Hispanic
  • 31 percent Caucasian
  • 13 percent Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 9 percent African-American
The City of Los Angeles has....
  • The largest Mexican metropolitan area outside Mexico
  • The largest Korean metropolitan area outside Korea
  • The largest Filipino metropolitan area outside the Philippines
  • The largest Vietnamese metropolitan area outside Vietnam
  • The largest Salvadoran metropolitan area outside El Salvador
  • The largest Guatemalan metropolitan area outside Guatemala
  • The second largest Chinese metropolitan area outside China
  • The second largest Japanese metropolitan area outside Japan
  • More Canadians live in Los Angeles than in Vancouver, British Columbia

The City of Los Angeles has...

  • The largest Asian/Pacific Islander population in the nation
  • The second-largest Jewish population outside of Israel
  • The fourth-largest African-American metropolitan area in the nation
Los Angeles County has...
  • The largest Mexican population in the nation (2.5 million)
  • The largest Korean population outside of Korea
  • The largest Armenian Population outside of Armenia
  • A Latino population of 4,135,000 as of 1998

More than 50 foreign-language newspapers are published in Los Angeles County.

Diplomatic Community
  • ēThere are 88 countries represented in Los Angeles County:
  • 53 career consulates
  • 35 honorary consulates
  • 16 consulates in San Francisco with jurisdiction in Los Angeles