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  NGOs and Non-Profits  

We understand the unique and important role that NGOs and non-profits play in today's world.  Fifteen years ago, NGOs and non-profits were secondary players in the world of politics, public policy and public opinion.  Today, they hold a primary seat at the negotiating table, influencing and shaping what we think and what we do about issues that are central to our lives and our world.

We have extensive and proven experience working with, and assisting NGOs and non-profits in all areas, including strategic community and stakeholder relations, public policy and legislative advocacy, international affairs, strategic communications and issues-oriented campaigns, board and leadership development, marketing and branding strategies, membership recruitment, event planning and management, and special program development and management.

Did you know that*...

  • Among opinion leaders in both Europe and the United States, NGOs are now the most trusted institutions.

  • Opinion leaders polled for this survey were college educated, aged 35-64, earned above $75K (or equivalent) household income, and reported a significant interest and engagement in the media, economic and policy affairs.

  • In Europe, the most trusted brands continue to be NGOs.

  • The role, influence and authority of NGOs is growing.  They are ranked equal to business in terms of trust in the US and they dominate Europe.

  • In the US, mega-brands like Microsoft and Ford command higher levels of trust than NGOs like Greenpeace, but US tracking data show that NGOs are gaining in the ranks.

  • In terms of credibility, opinion leaders find experts, outside authorities, and those who are seen as having no vested interest in the company, as among the most trusted spokespersons.  In both the US and Europe, these third-party authorities include academics, doctors and representatives of NGOs.

  • Stories in the media, or earned media, are more credible than advertising by a margin of eight to one.

We       strive to understand who you are and to help you move beyond vision and       goals into the arena of action and real influence: successfully       implementing, enhancing and achieving mission, positive visibility,       productivity, growth and impact.  In today’s competitive and noisy       marketplace, be it of ideas or of products, for dollars or for members,       for visibility or media coverage, it is more important than ever to focus       on moving your message, and making your message move others.™

 *The Fourth Edelman Survey on Trust & Credibility, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 23 January 2003